Proceedings SIMS 2008

SIMS 2008, Oslo University college Oct 7-8, 2008-10-08


ISBN-13: 978-82-579-4632-6

49th Scandinavian Conference on Simulation and Modeling

Session 1 - Modeling Techniques

1100-1120PDF Finite element simulation of explosive welding Mohammad Tabatabaee and Jafar Mahmoudi
1120-1140 PDFModeling and simulation of patient flow in hospitials for resource utilization Lei Zhao and Bernt Lie
1140-1200 PDFEmpirical modeling: Approximating the DSR E Sub-Space System Identification Algorithm by a Two-Step ARX Algorithm Magnus Komperod, Tor Anders Hauge, David Di Ruscio, and Bernt Lie
1200-1220PDF Modal analysis of lumped flexible active systems (part 1) Magne Bratland and Terje Rolvag

Session 2 - Bubbling Fluidized Beds

1420-1440 PDFExperimental study of effects of particle size distribution on bubble behaviour for validation of CFD modelling of bubbling Wenjun Wu, Sanoja A. Jayarathna, and Britt M. Halvorsen
1440-1500 PDFVerification of the importance of introducing particle size distributions to bubbling fluidized bed simulations Sanoja Ariyarathna, Wenjun Wu, and Britt Halvorsen
1500-1530 PDFA Review of some exsisting drag models describing the interaction between phases in a bubbling fluidized bed Joachim Lundberg and Britt Halvorsen

Session 3 - Special Session on Modelling and simulation of water treatment in pulp and paper industry

1540-1600 PDFDynamic simulation of water treatment in pulp and paper industry Esko Juuso
1600-1620 PDFProcess states and their submodels using self-organizing maps in an activated sludge treatment plant Mikko Heikkinen, Tomi Heikkinen, Yrjo Hiltunen
1620-1640 PDFNet-efficiency survilance in a non-linear paper making process methodology approach in water circulation systems Balan Pillai

Session 4 - Verification of Models

Not presentedPDF Numerical modeling of automotive riveted clutch disc for contact pressure verification Samir Sfarni, Emmanuel Bellenger, Jerome Fortin, and Mathieu Malley
0900-0920 PDFNon-Linear Wave-Oscillator Models for Transverse Vibrations of Offshore Structures Alexander N. Papusha, Tore M. Jonassen, and Ove T. Gudmestad
0920-0940 PDFPreprocessing of Experimental Data for Use in Model Building and Model Validation Magnus Komperod, Tor Anders Hauge, and Bernt Lie

Session 5 - Industrial Applications

1000-1020PDF A simulation model of the interactions between power producers and customers Iana Vasssileva, Cajsa Bartusch, Fredrik Wallin, and Erik Dahlquist
1020-1040 PDFFluid flow and heat transfer simulation in a barrel type CVD reactor Hamid Nabati and Jafar Mahmoudi
1100-1120 PDFExperimental determination of the thermal performance of a free standing fin Jan Bijan Pourian, Jafar Mahmoudi, and Mark Irwin
1120-1140 PDFA dynamic model for the deabsorption of carbon dioxide from monoethanolamine solution Timothy Greer, Bernt Lie, Almat Bedlabaev, Joao Fernando Pereira Gomes, and Jose Manuel Igreja
1140-1200 PDFModeling of an industrial copper leaching and electrowinning process, with validation against experimental data Bernt Lie and Tor Anders Hauge

Session 6 - Biological Models

1300-1320PDF Implementation of ADM 1 model in AQUASIM Biofilm Reactor Compartment Deshai Botheju and Rune Bakke
1320-1340 PDFHydrogen consumption in biohydrogen process modeling Carlos Dinamarca and Rune Bakke
1340-1400 PDFSimulation and Calculation of Magnetic and Thermal Fields of Human using Numerical Method and Robust Soft wares Kourosh Mousavi Takami and Homa Hekmat

Session 7 - Visualization and Modeling

1420-1440PDF Model based control of absorption tower for CO2 capturing Almat Bedelbayev, Timothy Greer, and Bernt Lie
1440-1500 PDFSimulation of Radon Mitigation in Residential Building Keramatollah Abari and Jafar Mahmoudi
1400-1520 PDF3D Animation and Programmable 2D Graphics for Visualization of Simulations in OpenModelica Henrik Eriksson, Henrik Magnusson, Peter Fritzson, and Adrian Pop