First SIMS EUROSIM Conference on Modelling and Simulation, SIMS EUROSIM 2021, and 62nd International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society, SIMS 2021

The First SIMS EUROSIM Conference on Modelling and Simulation, SIMS EUROSIM 2021 will be held as a virtual conference on September 21-23, 2021. The 62nd International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society, SIMS 2021, is embedded with SIMS EUROSIM 2021.


The first SIMS EUROSIM conference on Simulation and Modelling (SIMS EUROSIM 2021) and 62nd SIMS conference on Simulation and Modelling (SIMS 2021) were organized as a joint virtual conference. Originally, this conference was planned to be organized in Oulu, Finland. The COVID-19 pandemic presented tremendous challenges for the global research community and for the entire world. The organizers were first postponing the deadlines and keeping the plan of organizing the conference in person. Since the pandemic was continuing strongly, the plans were changed: the conference was decided to organize as a virtual conference in September 2021.
The Scandinavian Simulation Society consists of members from five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. The goal of SIMS is to further develop the science and practice of modelling and simulation in all application areas and to be a forum for information interchange between professionals and non-professionals in the Nordic countries. SIMS is a member society of The Federation of European Simulation Societies (EUROSIM) was set up in 1989. The purpose of EUROSIM is to provide a European forum for regional and national simulation societies to promote the advancement of modelling and simulation in industry, research and development. EUROSIM consists of 17 European Simulation Societies. The Scandinavian simulation society (SIMS) had Board and Annual Meetings during the conference.
The conference program consisted of three keynote presentations, 68 regular presentations and a panel discussion. The proceedings include 67 full papers. The keynotes are included as abstracts. The call for papers resulted in 83 submissions prepared by 152 authors from nine countries. The reviews of all submissions were done by four chairs, 19 IPC members and 37 international reviewers. Full papers were selected on the grounds of academic merit and relevance to the conference theme. Each submission had 2-4 reviews and the acceptance rate was 83% for the full papers published in the proceedings.
The SIMS 61 conference covered broad aspects of simulation, modeling and optimization in engineering applications, including many papers on multivariate data analysis, machine learning, control, diagnostics, decision making, power plants, energy storage, oil and gas industry, CO2 capture, computational fluid dynamic, wastewater treatment, biosystems and epidemiological models.
Panel discussions were organized on modelling and simulation in tackling challenges of the climate change. The discussion focused on three areas: biofuels, renewable energy sources and quality of measurements. The audience asked about next generation nuclear systems, biogas and CO2 emissions. The virtual conference did not include technical tours. Industrial and environmental applications, development of modelling and simulation tools and strong support for PhD students continue for stimulating process development model-based automation.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to the keynote speakers, authors, session chairs, members of the program committee and additional reviewers who made this conference such an outstanding success. Finally, we hope that you will find the proceedings to be a valuable resource in your professional, research, and educational activities whether you are a student, academic, researcher, or a practicing professional.
Esko Juuso, Bernt Lie, Erik Dahlquist, and Jari Ruuska


The Proceedings have been published by Linköping University Press in Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings No. 185 :
ISSN: 1650-3686, eISSN: 1650-3740, ISBN: 978-91-7929-219-5.
Entire Proceedings: 68 papers, 512+22 pages, 59929 KB.


Keynote presentations
Technical presentations
Parallel sessions: three parallel sessions, including discussions, on all three conference days.
Panel discussion
Chair: Adj. prof. Jari Ruuska, Control Engineering, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Finlandl
  • Hub Manager Björn Jonsson, Northern Europe Process Industries & Head of Industrial Automation Division, ABB, Sweden
    CV Björn Jonsson
    CV Björn Jonssonmedia-files/CV Björn Jonsson (2021).pdf
  • Head of Product Management, Jyri Lindholm, NAPCON, Neste Engineering Solutions Oy, Finland
  • Assoc. prof. Miguel Mujica-Mota, Eurosim President, Aviation Academy, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.
  • Prof. Bernt Lie, SIMS President, Department of Electrical engineering, Information Technology and Cybernetics, Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences, Porsgrunn, Norway
  • Senior prof. Erik Dahlquist, Past SIMS President, School of Business Society and Engineering, Division of Automation in Energy and Environmental Engineering, Västerås, Sweden
  • Adj. prof. Esko Juuso, Conference chair, Past EUROSIM President, Control Engineering, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Finland
SIMS Annual Meeting, Tuesday, September 21,2021 at 14:45-16:00.
Final program


Virtual Conference:
All the sessions were held in a virtual conference organized as parallel tracks in Zoom. A group of students from the Process Engineering Guild ( ), University of Oulu, were helping the session chairs and co-chairs by taking care of the system operation as session hosts. Physical conference attendance was not possible since physical venues were not provided.
The presentations were submitted in advance. Since the authors were presenting online, prerecording was not needed. The presentations were recorded during the sessions. Recorded presentations were kept visible for a limited time after the conference. For each presentation, a permission from the speaker(s) was asked to allow this visibility.


EasyChair will be used for submission of all papers and abstracts. Please follow the link
Submission Types and Schedule
Five types of contributions can be offered to the SIMS EUROSIM 2021 conference:
Scientific papers must be written in English and will be accepted for presentation based on a peer review of the draft papers. The peer-reviewed conference articles will be published in Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings Series
Industrial papers can be submitted as scientific papers. Additionally, industrial papers written in English, Finnish or Swedish can be submitted as full papers to be reviewed for publication in the conference proceedings published by The Finnish Society of Automation. Interesting case reports are welcomed as well.
Extended abstracts: The presentation at the conference can also be accepted on the basis of extended abstracts without a full paper. Extended abstracts will be published by The Finnish Society of Automation
Short papers: Student/Discussion papers should follow the writing guidelines of scientific papers when applicable. The final guidelines will be available in review phase. Selected short papers will be published by Journal SNE, .
- Posters: Submissions are accompanied with short papers or extended abstracts.


Questions about the submissions should be emailed to
Esko Juuso, SIMS EUROSIM 2021 Chair
Bernt Lie, President of SIMS, IPC Chair
Jari Ruuska, SIMS EUROSIM 2020 NOC Chair
SIMS EUROSIM 2020 Secretariat
Finnish Society of Automation / Finnish Automation Support Ltd
Tel. +358 50 400 6624
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